April is Positive Parenting Month | WAGES Community Action

Although parenting is a non-stop job that deserves recognition every day of the year, this month is an opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a positive parent. Positive parenting is not about being a perfect parent or raising a perfect child. Neither of those things exist in real life. And positive parenting is not about finding a “one size fits all” solution for parenting. That also doesn’t exist. Positive parenting promotes children’s healthy development, builds their capacity to handle emotions, solve problems, and teaches skills they’ll need to have healthy relationships at home, school, and work. When children grow up in positive, loving, and safe environments with clear and consistent boundaries and limits, their brains are primed to learn in school, get along with others, and succeed as adults in future relationships and careers.

Please read the Positive Parenting Proclamation signed by the Wayne County Board of Commissioners.

Click here for information on the Triple P Positive Parenting Program.