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CSBG – Self-Sufficiency Project

Self-Sufficiency means not relying on others for things that you can do yourself. It is a way of life that reduces your dependency on external resources in order to live. What is gained by self-sufficiency? A greater sense of freedom and greater control of your own life. You can be self-sufficient by using your own physical and mental skills to produce food, shelter and warmth in order to sustain your own existence.

How self-sufficient you become is entirely a personal decision. It is up to each of us to determine how self-sufficient to become. Just because you may have risen above the poverty guidelines does not mean you should stop trying to improve!

In keeping with the overall mission of WAGES, the Self-Sufficiency Project provides comprehensive case management and programming that will empower the entire family unit, and ultimately the community, by equipping each family served with the skills, training and support essential for their advancement to raise and remain above the North Carolina Poverty Guidelines.

The program’s success hinges on strengths inclusive of consistency in participant contacts and quality documentation, professionally conducted and purposeful home, school, employment and office visits, beneficial and well-planned participant trainings on various life skills, employment skills and topics of participant interest, and updating and distributing a Community Resources Guide annually.

The Self-Sufficiency Project is funded through the Community Services Block Grant.  This grant is made through the NC Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Economic Opportunity.

For more information about the Self-Sufficiency Project, call (919) 734-1178, ext. 224. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

WAGES CSBG Self-Sufficiency Intake Forms:

Intake Form for Self-Sufficiency

Intake Form for Hurricane Florence Relief

Intake Form for COVID-19 Assistance