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CSBG – Success Stories

Ms. S’s story

Ms. S, a single mother of four, came into the self-sufficiency program with a nursing assistant certification. Struggling through many issues, Ms. S moved in with a family member after enduring years of physical and mental abuse from her significant other. Ms. S used the self-sufficiency program as a source of support to overcome these life changes. The self-sufficiency program provided her with positive advisement, trainings, gas vouchers, emergency financial assistance, and educational support. She also received continual positive reinforcement from her social worker. All of these things helped Ms. S regain a better outlook on life. After graduating with a degree in nursing, Ms. S. was offered a job less than a month later as an RN at a local neurological firm with a starting salary of $48,000! Congratulations to Ms. S. and all of her accomplishments!


  • “By providing individualized family-friendly, and goal driven case management services, the Self-Sufficiency Project provides lifechanging opportunities.” -Participant
  • “The Self-Sufficiency Project provided an opportunity for me to select clothing and household items for my family during one of their clothing giveaways.” – Participant